20 Green architecture marvels proposed for Dubai

Dubai can also be dubbed as the city of architectural marvels where creativity and design goes to an new level altogether. The structures, whether existing, in progress or proposed have the most unique structure that you can think of. These huge, tall b

Dubai Water Front

11 Eco-friendly homes made from recycled materials

The growing concern to safeguard the environment from degradation has prompted many of us to adopt eco-friendly way of living. The eco-conscious individuals are trying hard to send the message that it is important to go green to keep the environment n

Eco-friendly homes made from recycled materials

5 of the best eco lodges in Japan

Lodges are fun if they have good internal atmosphere and sound surroundings. Japan is known for its lodges which are one of the most famous in the world. They not only provide you with a comfortable stay but you can also enjoy the city of technology witho


10 stunning products made using old newspapers

Newspapers are considered a waste after a few hours of its arrival. They keep piling up in our store rooms with each passing and we hardly make any good use of this stack. But there are many who are making good use of this Eco-friendly material and giving

Flip-flops upcycled from old newspapers

10 creative wallpapers made using recycled materials

With widespread use of recycled materials, there is no reason why the ubiquitous wallpaper should be deprived of its share of recycled components. Adorning the walls with wallpapers made from recycled materials is one of the hottest trends in interior dec

Wallpaper made from sugarcane bagasse
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